How much corn does it use?
Our stoves average a bushel of corn per day. A bushel of corn weight 56 lbs (25.4 kg).

How much area will it heat?
The EN-5775 is rated at 60,000 BTU and will heat an area up to 2,400 sq. ft. Open concepts have the best result.

What do I clean out of the stove?
Once a day if you are using continually you have to clean out a clinker. This is done about 20 seconds and the stove never goes out. Clinker is the hard residue left over from a bushel of corn, it is about the size of your fist. Comes out in one piece like a rock.

How do I start the stove?
Put a handful of woodshavings in the firebox, put some lighter fluid on top and light. By the time you make a coffee the stove will be running.

How much corn does it hold?
The EN-5775 will hold a bushel of corn and should last for 24 hours.

Can I control the heat?
Yes, a dial on the side of the unit controls the speed of the auger, thus the amount of flame, and the amount of heat.

How is the heat circulated?
A variable speed fan in the stove circulates the air around the house. In reality the Corn Stove is a convection heater.

What type of corn can be used?
All grades of corn will burn in the stove but the better the grade the more heat from it. It suggested to use screened corn for the best results.

Do I need a chimney?
The Corn Stove uses a direct vent system something like a dryer. In other words, you can put it straight through the wall.

Why Corn Stoves?????
The Corn Stove is a natural choice that addresses many issued in today's complicated world. Number one it is environmentally friendly, since it is so clean burning. Secondly, it is safe to operate so you can sleep at night. Thirdly and most important it gives our farming community a market for their products so when you burn corn you are helping them the most.

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